Keeping the Streets Warm

On Saturday, December 19, 2020, Brenda Jean's staff and board members assisted in organizing the only Community Outreach Event we participated in for the year. "Keeping The Streets Warm" was lead by Mr. Zylo Hefferan and Mrs. Murtisha Hefferan and supported by Kev King, Zacari, Christian Romo, Brenda Jean's Sober Living Facility, South High MARCA Students, and many more. Brenda Jean's Sober Living Facility gave out over 60,000 surgical face masks. 202 new blankets (along with donated clothing items) were distributed to the community near the Martin Luther King Jr. Park of Bakersfield, CA. Music artist Zacari put on a free concert for the public, and Mr. Leon Denweed donated the use of his generator to power electrical equipment.