Our Programs

1. Brenda Jean’s Sober Living Facility's Mercy Bed Program (Launched January 2016)

      • Brenda Jean’s has designated 4 out of the 34 beds as Mercy Beds for deserving individuals
      • Mercy Beds recipients live in our facility free of charge with full access and benefits
      • Brenda Jean’s is never financially compensated or reimbursed for a Mercy Bed

2. Brenda Jean’s Internship Program (Launched January 2016)

        • Brenda Jean’s have agreements with four higher education institutions and two community agencies
        • Bakersfield College, California State University Bakersfield, Santa Barbra Business College, UEI College
        • Mexican American Opportunity Foundation and CalWORKs Employment Preparation Program

3. Brenda Jean’s Food Pantry (Launched March 2019)

      • Brenda Jean’s purchases food from the food bank to distribute to those in need
      • Brenda Jean’s staff members prepare the emergency grocery bags
      • Every Tuesday, free groceries are given to the homeless and to families in need

4. Brenda Jean’s Soup Kitchen (Launched March 2019)

      • Once a month, Brenda Jean’s purchases food from a pre-determined menu from the local food bank
      • Brenda Jean’s Safe Food Serve Certified Kitchen Staff prepares the food from the menu
      • Brenda Jean’s Soup Kitchen feeds the homeless and families every 2nd Saturday of the month

5. Brenda Jean’s Dental Center (Launching January 2020)

      • Medi-Cal covered dental services will be provided to all residents of Brenda Jean’s Sober Living Facility
      • The onsite Dental Center will be fully equipped and will operate one Saturday each month
      • Brenda Jean’s Dental Center is insured and operated by an experienced licensed dentist