Food Pantry

Brenda Jean's Sober Living Facility purchases food to distribute to the homeless and to families in need. Individuals can call 211 and receive information on when we are distributing free groceries. The emergency grocery bags are designed to get an individual or a family through the week. Every week, the individual or family can return for another emergency bag of groceries. Brenda Jean's Food Pantry mission is to provide free food to anyone in need. 

$80 will support Brenda Jean's Food Pantry for one week. If interested in sponsoring the Brenda Jean's Food Pantry for a month or for a year please email us at   

Disclaimer: We are strongly against the selling of food and other items that we freely distribute. Violators will be reported and loose the privilege of receiving resources from Brenda Jean's

Brenda Jean's Food Pantry is Sponsored by

Brenda Jean's Food Pantry is now Mobile!

2020 Food Pantry in action